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Retainers: Your Secret to a Lifetime of Radiant Smiles

The achievement of completing your orthodontic journey is an awe-inspiring moment, unveiling a dazzling smile that radiates confidence. But what happens next? How do you ensure your teeth stay put in their new perfect positions? Enter retainers—the unsung heroes of orthodontic treatment. Keep reading to learn about the importance of retainers, their various types, adjusting to wearing them, and providing the utmost care to safeguard your stunning smile for years to come.

Types of Retainers: A Perfect Fit for Everyone

Retainers come in two distinct forms: fixed and removable. Fixed retainers, also known as lingual wire retainers, consist of a wire gently affixed to the backs of your teeth, providing unwavering support day in and day out. Alternatively, removable retainers, crafted from a clear plastic like an aligner, offer flexibility and snugly embrace the backs of each tooth. The choice between the two hinges upon factors like the nature of your orthodontic corrections and your dedication to wearing your retainer every night. But don’t worry, your Rapids doctor and team will steer you toward the ideal retainer type tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle.

The Power of Retainers: Unwavering Guardians of Your Smile

The fundamental purpose of retainers is to preserve the harmonious alignment achieved after wearing braces or Invisalign® clear aligners. Without these trusty companions, your teeth may slowly revert to their previous positions due to their inherent tendency to shift. Retainers play a pivotal role in preventing regression and preserving your investment of your orthodontic journey.

Cherishing Your Retainer: A Tale of Proper Care

Properly caring for your retainer is crucial, as neglecting its upkeep may invite unwelcome oral complications. Plaque, bacteria, and food particles can take up residence on your retainer’s surface, jeopardizing your oral health. If you have a permanent retainer, diligently brush and floss your teeth twice a day, and if brushing isn’t possible after meals, rinse your mouth with water. Removable retainers, on the other hand, crave a gentle touch from a soft-bristle toothbrush at least once daily but refrain from using toothpaste to avoid scratching your retainer. For a thorough cleanse, use Retainer Brite to keep your retainer clean and fresh. Even a well-made retainer will eventually wear out. If your retainer has deteriorated, or it feels different than it did when new, contact your Rapids orthodontist.

The Smile Protection Program: Protecting your Orthodontic Investment

To provide you with peace of mind and shield your orthodontic investment, Rapids Orthodontics proudly presents the Smile Protection Program. For a limited time, take advantage of our exclusive offer—a one-time enrollment fee of just $579, (a $643 value). With this program, you unlock a multitude of benefits, including:

  • 2 sets of removable retainers upon completing your orthodontic treatment
  • Up to 5 sets of replacements per year – just cover a $30 co-pay per arch
  • 10-year program enrollment and can be renewed upon completion

Our commitment remains unwavering as your steadfast ally, dedicated to safeguarding your radiant smile throughout life’s remarkable journey. Contact your Rapids orthodontist to learn more about our Smile Protection Plan and to sign up for our limited time summer special today!

Embrace the Power of Retainers

Wearing a retainer should never be an afterthought; it is an integral component of maintaining the brilliance of your smile. By religiously wearing your retainer as prescribed by your orthodontist, you unlock the door to lifelong benefits and a captivating smile. Embrace the adjustment period, prioritize proper care, and explore the Smile Protection Program to ensure your smile stays beautiful and confident for years to come.