When orthodontic emergencies happen, we’re here for you

Rapids Orthodontics can help you tell emergencies from common issues.

Most orthodontic repairs can wait to be handled at your next regularly scheduled appointment. Other repairs shouldn’t wait and require an immediate appointment or even orthodontic emergency care. We’re always available to help you decide if you’re experiencing an orthodontic emergency. Simply contact us.

What is an orthodontic emergency?

Luckily, true orthodontic emergencies are rare, but they’re something that patients may encounter during treatment. Severe concerns may require emergency care and shouldn’t wait. Schedule an emergency orthodontist appointment by calling 715.421.5255 if you experience one of the following:

An injury to your mouth, face, or teeth

Significant pain in your gums, mouth, or face

How to handle common issues with braces

Orthodontic inconveniences such as loose bands or brackets, broken or poking arch wires, and general tenderness can typically be managed at home until your next appointment. Some situations like damaged appliances will require a repair visit and may prolong treatment, so taking care of your braces is important. Here are some solutions for common issues you may notice during your orthodontic treatment: